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Cirkle of Shortwaveers  „BŁYSKAWICA” Club 3. Ship Flotilla has been operating since 1995, is an environmental club and a member  of the Polish Association of Shortwaves. The “BŁYSKAWICA” Shortwaves Club in international contacts user the name POLISH AMATEUR RADIO CLUB OF THE NAVY and is licensed as a shortwave radio signal – SP2PMW. A member of the circle may be a soldier who currently performs military service, a pensioner  and a military pensioner, an army employee  and a person from outside the military environment showing interest in the Polish Navy, the Polish Army and a seafarer. The basis for the operation of the “BŁYSKAWICA”  Shortwave Wheel is the regulations  on the basis of which the Circle work plan is prepared for each year. We provide radio communication on all amateur radio bands, all emissions including digital broadcasts. The SP2PMW club station takes active part in the shortwave professions organized by the Main Board of the Polish Association of Shortwave Radicals, the Boards of Branches of the Polish Amateur Society and other institutions authorized  to organize short-wave  radio competitions. One of the basic principles of the Circle are the trips of members of the Circle and their families to integration trips, picnics, camps and social gatherings.  We conduct lectures and talks promoting the history and activities of the Navy, 3rd Ship Flotilla and our Pomeranian region. We cultivate the tradition and history of the “ORP BŁYSKAWICA” ship. We run classes in the field of amateur radio, radio technology, electrical engineering, radio communication  and shortwave radio procedures – to obtain amateur permits. Weekly meetings  of club members are the basis for exchanging experience and operator knowledge and skills in the field of amateur radio and tightening of friendships.